Thursday, December 25, 2014

Last Minute DIY Christmas Ideas

Merry Christmas! Happy holidays! Today's the day of giving gifts and spreading the Christmas cheer, but sometimes there's those people who you're not sure what to get them and time is running out fast. Even this post is late-I'm talking down to the LAST, LAST second gifts here! Here are a few crafts I made, thanks to Pinterest and its creative inspirations. You can put these together and give them to those you might be seeing after the holidays or even keep them for yourself!

Mason Jar Flameless Candle
For those who love music and cute decor.
This gift was super simple to make. I printed sheet music onto a paper I smothered with a tea bag for a vintage effect. Then I cut out a heart and glued the paper to the jar and tied burlap strings around the rim. Drop a battery operated tealight into the jar for a warm glow.

Mini Sewing Kit Mason Jar 
For those who love to sew
Grab a mason jar and add in various sewing supplies that you can buy from the dollar store. I added needles, threads, buttons, mini scissors, etc. Then I made a pin cushion with some scrap fabric and wool batting from a teddy bear (his neck was already ripped. I only took a little, he'll be fine haha). To finish it off, I stuck in a bunch of pins in the shape of an A for a personalized touch.

Monogrammed Canvas Tote
For those who love these canvas totes for some odd reason (my mother)
Personalize a plain tote using acrylic or fabric paint and a doily. I got a plain canvas tote from Michaels and paper doilies from Deals. Use spray glue to temporarily hold the doily in place so the pattern comes out neat and clean. Mine got a little messy in some areas. When you're done, peel the doily off before the paint dries. I sketched an E with a pencil and painted it in. Touch up whatever you need and let it completely dry. 

Teacup Candle
For those who love to indulge in candles (my mother, again!)
Make your own custom candle in a dainty little teacup. I grabbed an old teacup set that was lying around and washed it. I hot glued a wick, which came in a pack from Michaels, to the center of the cup. You can buy wax cubes or anything of the sort or you can melt old candles. I had a pack of tealights so I melted them by using a tin can in a pot of boiling water. Add pieces of crayon for color, I mixed pieces of old red and blue crayons because I didn't want to break the purple in my good pack. When it all melted, I let it cool before adding fragrance oil and then poured it into the cup to harden. Trim your wick to about 1/2 an inch and  enjoy your homemade candle!



Customized Gift Tags
I used the extra paper from the mason jar project to make custom gift tags. You can personalize your tags in any style and print it out on cardstock. If you don't have cardstock, you can make the paper thicker like I did by gluing an index card to the back, blank side up. Using spray glue makes it so much neater and smoother, but be sure not to spray too much or the paper will become too damp and messy.

 Punch a hole into the tag and add ribbon or string to tie to gifts, write your message on the blank index card side and there's your custom tag!

Clap clap for my best gift wrapping ever.


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