Friday, May 22, 2015

Styling: Denim

It's been way too long since we've posted! We're definitely trying to get back on our game now that classes are out and summer's approaching. We're excited to explore and get a little creative >:) Here's a few ways I styled a basic necessity-denim.
Vest- Forever21
Pants- AliExpress
Flannel- Target
Necklace- Tilly's
Sneakers- Converse

Cardigan- H&M
Top- Forever21
Joggers- Shopper's World
Sneakers- Converse

Jacket- Zara
Tee- Love Culture
Jeans- Urban Outfitters
Sneakers- Converse
Jacket- Vintage (my attic)
Flannel- Plato's Closet
Tee- Urban Outfitters
Leggings- Forever21
Boots- Dr. Martens


  1. Glad to see you guys are back! I missed seeing you on my bloglovin feed. Can't wait to see what you guys post next. The last outfit is definitely my fav! Xoxo thebrokeblackchick

    1. Thanks so much Brittany! We're glad to hear you look forward to our posts! We'll be posting more soon :)

  2. A great selection of looks. I particularly love the last one! Oversized denim jackets & Dr Martens are one of my favourite combo's! Xx

    1. Thanks! That look was also my fave xx


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