Friday, June 5, 2015

♥♥♥ May Favorites ♥♥♥

Happy June everyone! Summer is here at last although it did rain heavily today and was fifty-six degrees out :( (on June 1st). Just thought I'd do a quick post today on some of my favorites from May.
- Sarah 
#1 Sailor Moon Necklace

The first Favorite for May is this cute |Sailor Moon scepter necklace - Ebay| This was actually a gift from Evelyn for my 18th birthday back in November and was originally a key chain. I took off the part that attaches to the key  and slipped  in any old necklace and now it's one of my favorite pieces of jewelry.

#2 Patterned Journal

The second item for my May favorites is this pretty |Patterned Journal - Papaya| This was also a gift from one of my cousins. I love writing short stories and writing them in here just makes it more fun. I love the pretty patterns on the pages going down the side of the journal and the pattern and unique texture of the front and back cover. Totally gives me a vintage feel!

#3 Red Hand Bag

Number three is this fun |Red Hand Bag - Charming Charlie's| I got this on sale in a very cute (to die for) store in Jersey. I liked using it, it's very roomy. I loved how it looked with some red nail polish and red lips and I also especially loved how it looked when I still had red hair (Does that mean my hair colour has changed once again? Why, yes it has changed lol)

#4 A Game of Thrones

Number 4 I am completely obsessed with. |A Game of Thrones by George R.R. Martin - Target| It was 807 pages and I am so proud of myself for reading this lol. Obsessed with the characters and story line. It made me cry, cringe, and laugh and I couldn't get enough. I just bought book 2 and am currently reading that as well. Perhaps when I'm finished with the series I will watch the show. Have you guys seen it?

#5 Shame

| Urban Decay Lipstick in Shame - Ulta| Love, Love, Love this! Especially paired with black liner. I usually love matte lipsticks, but this one has a special place in my heart (As do all my other lipsticks lmao lets not make anyone feel left out now) It glides on smoothly and lasts a good while. If you guys want a dupe for this shade, Wet n' Wild has a lipstick called "Ferguson Crest Cabernet" and it's exactly the same in my opinion.

Well, these are my favorites for May, let us know if you have, read, or tried any of these and what did you think about them.

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