Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Thrifting| Church Thrift Finds

Over the weekend, my church held its annual thrift store sale to raise money for scholarship funds for graduating seniors who are going on to college. Last June, I received my scholarship, which was highly needed and appreciated, so I think this is a great thing they're doing.
So I was in charge of the jewelry/accessories table, and I think I did a pretty good job selling, considering how cheap we priced the items. Before everything was gone, I made sure to grab hold of the items I had my eye on from the night before. Although, i missed out on a couple of things
I still got some cool stuff.


Storing these until I finally give my bedroom a makeover.
I love this perfume bottle, it's classic and chic. Once I saw it, I had to hide it.
These earrings are a standout piece that will be fun to play with.
I want to get back into reading books like I once was, and these books interested me (for $2 in total-definitely interested!)
When I spotted this black dress at the sale I was so shocked because I had just purchased the purple one from the actual Forever21 site two week before. How ironic. And of course the black one was way cheaper and even looks better on me!



  1. Oh wow, what great finds. The earring is stunning, so quirky but I love it!

    Reflection of Sanity

  2. Amazing finds! Obsessed with the dishware x
    I also realized I never got around to the Liebster Award post! I meant to do it, then it completely slipped my mind, will be posting that this afternoon :)

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