Thursday, September 18, 2014

LIEBSTER AWARD||We've Been Nominated!

Thank you, thank you! We're so honored. We just wanna thank... *sniff sniff*...our moms and dads, for being...I'm sorry give us a moment :'( Loll. Nah, just kidding. But wow we were surprised to receive not one, but two nominations from Blueprint of A Girl and Jo's Nook. Thank you guys! We're gonna do the first nomination, though, because we're pretty sure nobody wants to read 40 answers to 20 questions. 

So Nuala (Blueprint of A Girl) asked:
1. If you had to choose between clothes and shoes, which would it be?
Evelyn: I'd choose clothes, even though I love shoes and they can definitely make the outfit. I'm obsessed with clothes and I wouldn't mind being barefoot in the perfect outfit! But I really want to expand my shoe collection. 
Sarah: It would definitely be clothes!!! I already buy more clothes and always forget about shoes, I should really start buying more shoes lol.

2. Who is your style inspiration?
Sarah: I don't really take inspiration from just one person. I see something I like on anyone and I'd try to incorporate it into my wardrobe but most of my style is mostly rocky grungy modeled after band singers and the 90s.
Evelyn: I get my style inspiration from everywhere- magazines, blogs, tv/film, street style, (<-- fan me ;) )- but I definitely love me some Kylie Jenner. I can relate to her edgy, relaxed style and there's never a time when she looks uncomfortable in her clothes. She works every outfit!

3. What is top of your bucket list?
Evelyn: The top of my bucket list would probably be to step out of my comfort zone and do something I'd never imagine, nothing specific, but something amazing where I can influence others or make a positive change.
Sarah: I don't really have anything on my bucket list but I would like to travel around Europe before I die.

4. All time favourite book?
Sarah: I love reading so I can't say that i have one specific favourite but my top three are; Th1rteen R3asons Why, The Fault in our stars, and The Outsiders (I've read this one 7 times)
Evelyn: I don't read as often as I used to :( but my favorites would probably be Speak, The Lovely Bones, and of course The Fault in Our Stars.

5. What is your favourite blog to read online? 
 Evelyn: My favorite blog hands down is LE-HAPPY. I don't think that'll change. (At least not anytime soon.)
 Sarah: I'm going to steal Evelyn's answer and go with her too lol. I seldom follow  blogs consistently, but I will say my favorite instagrammer is @missalissa

6. Tumblr or Twitter? 
Sarah: Neither, I don't use them. I prefer Instagram (Follow us @fashiontroverts)
Evelyn: I don't use my personal Twitter and I don't even have a Tumblr, but I definitely love tumblr searching for inspiration and creative things.
7. If you could only eat one food for the rest of your life what would it be?
 Evelyn: I couldn't. I wouldn't >_< Nah, I'd probably go with American Chinese food (General Tso is my bf) or the typical- pizza.
Sarah: It would be FRENCH FRIES!!! I love them and in middle school we ate them every single day coming home. (Hot sauce and BBQ sauce plz :D)

8. If you were on a desert island what one thing would you bring?
 Sarah: I'd bring a boat lol, its logical.
Evelyn: I'd bring my laptop...strapped to my wi-fi router, connected to a magical never-ending charger that's plugged into an outlet far, far away...that's one thing right?

9. Who would you save in a zombie apocalypse?
 Evelyn: The world's greatest zombie killer. (Which is probably me ;) - Dead Trigger 2
Sarah: The band The Pretty Reckless, (Someones gotta save the good music for when the apocalypse is over! Am I right?)

10. Which fictional character do you wish existed?
 Sarah: Agh this is super hard (It shouldn't be this hard, but I get attached to characters so easily. I'm such a kid!!!) But it would probably be Tuxedo Mask from Sailor Moon my first crush. (Yes my first crush was an anime prince hero. I set the bar that high since then lmao, that's probably why I'm so picky now).
 Evelyn: Peter Pan and the Lost Boys, they're such dreamers, young, wild and free. I don't wanna grow up yet! :'(

We nominate:

The rules are:
1. Answer these 10 questions in your post.
2. Come up with 10 new questions for your nominees.
3. Tag/nominate 10 bloggers with less than 200 followers!

Our questions for you are:
1. If you had the chance to live any where in the world, where would it be?

2. If you were given a one thousand dollar gift card that could be used in only one store, what store would it be?

3. What's your favourite line from a Movie?

4. What's one thing about yourself that you'd want to improve?

5. What's your favorite season to dress for?

6. If you could raid anyone's wardrobe, who's would it be and what item would you take?

7. If you had to choose one style for the rest of your life to rock what would it be?

8. If you could create your perfect bedroom, what themes/vibes would you incorporate into it?

9. What's one of your pet peeves? 

10. What's one thing you love that most people you know seem to hate?

Thanks to A Little Typical for her lovely Liebster Award button. We just changed it up a bit for our post. :)


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